Request for pre-application planning advice

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Applicant details

Agent details - if appropriate

Address of proposed development site (must be in Sevenoaks District)

Householder alteration & extensions
Minor proposals (e.g. 1 to 9 dwellings, commercial floorspace less than 999sqm; barn conversions or stables)
Major Proposals (small scale) (e.g. 10 to 49 new dwellings, commercial floor space between 1,000 and 4,999m2 (or sites covering more than 1 ha)
Significant Major Proposals (e.g. 50 plus new homes, commercial floor space 5,000m2 and upwards)
Other (e.g. advertisements, change of use, certificate of existing lawful use or variation of condition)

Please give estimate if precise measurements are not available.

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If you request a meeting this can take place virtually and charges will apply as if it were being held at the Council Offices. Please contact your case officer to discuss options once your pre-application request has been registered and acknowledged. Please refer to our website for details of our charges.

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The calculation of the pre-application fee will take this into account. The meeting will take place at our Council offices in Sevenoaks.

  • 1:1250 site location plan with the site outlined in red (available from Ordnance Survey or agents)
  • Sketch drawings of the existing site and surroundings, and the proposals showing height and scale of development, together with floor plans and elevations drawn to a recognised scale (e.g. 1:50, 1:100, 1:200)
  • Photographs of the site - optional
  • Details of any consultations already undertaken
  • Other supporting details and information where appropriate (e.g. Environmental Statement / Transport Assessment / Ecological Survey. etc.)
Please tick the box if you feel your application contains confidential or commercially sensitive information and provide details below of why you consider this to be the case

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